The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005

Are you aware that at 5am on 1st September 2009 every single one of the many thousands of current liquor licences under the present legislation will no longer be applicable? Unless you have a new Premises Licence under The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 on that day you will not be licensed to sell alcohol!     

Urban Training is at the forefront of training for the new Liquor Licensing regime. One of our principals is Robin Morton, a leading licensing lawyer and the first Law Society of Scotland accredited Specialist in Liquor Licensing Law. Robin runs Robin Morton Licensing, a specialist liquor licensing consultancy. Robin is also a bar owner/operator and our other trainers are well respected and successful restaurateurs and hotel operators.        

The transition period under the new Act started on 1st February 2008 and will continue till 1st September 2009. All Scotland's licensed premises have an 18 month window in which to convert their old Licences into new ones and there are very strict timetables (this started on 7th March 2008) for conversion from old to new, with no risk of over provision and no requirement to upgrade your premises.

There are only two types of licence under the new Act, a Personal Licence and a Premises Licence. The holder of a Premises Licence must name a Premises Manager who must have a Personal Licence and each sale of alcohol must be authorised by the holder of a Personal Licence.

For that reason we recommend that every operator of licensed premises from 1st September 2009 has at least two, preferably three, Personal Licence Holders on their books.

The new Law makes it obligatory for a Personal Licence Holder to have a recognised and current 2005 Act Training Certificate. That's what we do! We provide ServeWise Certificate for Personal Licence Holders Courses (one day, including examination). We are affiliated to the much respected City&Guilds. The course includes six hours training on Licensing Law, Associated Law, Alcohol and People Skills.  

Not only that, but from September 2009 any staff member selling alcohol must have been trained under the new Act. We do that too. Personal Licence Holders can also provide the mandatory staff training but many small operations will not have the time or resources for this.

Speak to us!! 

We also still provide ServeWise Plus Managers Licensing Training Courses (both On-Licences and Off-Licences) under the 1976 Licensing Act as some Licensing Boards still require these for on going operation of premises until September 2009. Contact us and we will advise you if it is necessary and, if so, slot you on to a course. We are here to help.       

Along with the mandatory Licensing Training Certificates come other disciplines that we strongly recommend you investigate. Risk Assessments, House policies, Due Diligence procedures are our bread and butter. Ask us to prepare these for you. We are here to educate.    

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The ServeWise Personal Licence Holders Training Certificate under the new Act need not be obtained at this minute. Premises Licence applicants under the conversion process do not, until December 2009, need to name a Premises Manager. Be careful, not every training company, shall we say, is bringing this to the trade's attention! We recommend you do not leave it to the last minute and it would be prudent to make arrangements at an early date. Staff training similarly is not mandatory until September 2009, but it is always best practice in our view.

Course Diary

REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene
- Running Weekly

REHIS Health & Safety
- Courses on application

 - Courses on application

REHIS Controlling the Risk of Cross Contamination Course
-courses on application

REHIS Safe Manual Handling Awareness Course
- course on application


SQA Emergency First Aid Courses
- Running Weekly

Fire Awareness
- Courses on application

All of the above courses will be held in Glasgow City Centre. Should you wish to book places on any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.